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Jumbo Tube.png
Mega Tube.png

Prefilled Pucker Powder candy tubes

Mega Tube: approx. 60"

Jumbo Tube: approx. 34"

With display:

  • great point of sale item

  • prefilled with six popular flavors

  • case packed in 25 count


PFT Jumbo Display Image 022521-11.png
PFT Jumbo 34 Image 022521-10.png
_10A5433 ALT-01.png

Complete Party Kit Includes:

  • 3-2 oz. Flavor packs of Pucker Powder® Candy(Fruit Punch Strawberry, Lemonade)

  • 1-3 Flavor candy Dispenser

  • 1- Catch Tray with brackets

  • 12"-6" Tubes

  • 12-Funnels & Caps

  • 1- Instructions

Two Refill packs available

  • Refill 1-(Birthday Cake, Fruit Punch, Green Apple)

  • Refill 2 -(Fruit Punch, Strawberry, Lemonade)

Custom Candy Kit_Artboard 54.png

Prefilled Pucker Powder SUPER candy tubes

Super Tube: approx. 12"

Two varieties available


Flag 12pft in 24 cnt display 022321.png
PFT 12 Each-01.png
PFT Tube.png
PFT Tray 1.png

prefilled with six popular sweet and sour flavors case packed in 2.


*Display shown not available

prefilled with two of our popular SOUR flavors; Blue Raspberry and Wild Cherry in a 24 Count Display Case


4 Flavors:

Sweet Cotton Candy, Sour Fruit Punch, Sour Green Apple, Sour Watermelon


With a master sampler pack, 12 pieces 3 of each flavor

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