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Which Pucker Powder® dispenser is right for my business?

We offer several different types of Pucker Powder ® dispensers for various operators

and businesses. Please contact our sales office 205-838-0570 to discuss which Pucker

Powder ® dispenser is right for you.


What will be the success of Pucker Powder in my location?

Pucker Powder® will astonish the most critical of owners with the amount of product

that sells through these dispensers. Your location will do well if you get people between

the ages of 4 to 21, however don't be surprised to see many adults filling tubes as it

takes them back to their youth.


While Pucker Powder® is basically a dextrose based product, it does not contain as

much sugar than one thinks. A 6" tube contains only 7.3 grams of sugar and carbs.

When you compare this to standard size candy bars and other candy products this is

typically 1/3 the amount of sugar and when comparing to many sports enhancement

drinks it is typically 1/6 the amount of sugar. Please see our ingredient and nutritional

page for details.


Will this make a mess in my store?

To best answer this I will let you hear what hundreds of our customers have told us over

time. I bought your dispenser last year and was extremely hesitant as I thought it would

make a huge mess. I was very surprised by the lack of mess and powder residue on the

floor. So to answer this question, no it will not make a mess, however what it will make

is great profits for you and great fun for your customers.


Where can I purchase a Pucker Powder ® tube?

Pucker Powder ® is sold through many different venues. On our home page click About

Us and Sweet Locations for a store near you. Or contact our sales department at 888-

460-4623 and we will be happy to assist you in locating your closest Pucker Powder ®



My child is having a Birthday Party and I really want to rent one of your dispensers,

where can I find one?

In 2007 Sandblast by Creative Concepts Inc. introduced the Pucker Powder ® Mini just

for this purpose. The Mini dispenser is sold to rental locations, party stores and bounce

companies throughout the United States and Canada. Please contact our sales office

at or call 205-838-0570 to find the nearest location for

your rental needs. We search by area code, city and state so if emailing please supply

us a few options of area codes as well as your city and state. To get more information

about the mini please visit the products page.


Also great for parties is our Custom Candy Kit, visit to purchase one for

your next party!


Can I purchase tubes and powder separately?

Yes, please contact our sales department at 205-838-0570.


Why can't I find pricing on your website?

We do not publish our pricing for the general public to view. We sell at a wholesale level

and supply many large accounts as well as distributors globally. For pricing information

please contact our sales department at 205-838-0570.


How do I know that your company will be around after I purchase a Pucker Powder ®

dispenser and equipment for re-fills?

We used to get this question quite often and to best answer it I would say. We have

been in business since 1998. We have grown from 3200 sq ft with 4 employees to over

70,000 sq ft and over 30 full time employees. We sell our products not just in the United

States but globally. We have a strong international distribution base (see International

Contact page) We continue to improve our dispensing systems and keep fresh with the

times. Our product is not a novelty item that comes and goes as its proven its longevity

in the retail market place.


I saw a dispenser similar to the one on your website, is that your product?

If you have seen a powder dispensing machine with candy powder in a retail setting

then the chances are we had something to do with it. This spans from the largest of all

theme parks to the smallest of retail stores.


I have had your Pucker Powder ® dispenser for years and was wondering if there is

an upgrade package available.

Yes, you can freshen up your Pucker Powder ® dispenser at a fraction of the cost of a

new one. To inquire about pricing please contact our sales team at 205-838-0570.


How do I reorder product?

We try to make reordering Pucker Powder ® as simple as possible. There are several

ways to reorder.


a) Fax an order form to our customer service department at 205-838-0999.

b) Email an order form to

c) Call our customer service department at 205-838-0570.


My child is allergic to nuts; does Pucker Powder ® contain nuts?

Pucker Powder ® does not contain nuts and it is produced in a nut free environment.

For further information on allergens please view our allergen policy at Consumer



Is Pucker Powder® Kosher?

Currently all of our Pucker Powder ® flavors are Kosher. Please view our Consumer

Information page for a list of Kosher and non Kosher products.

Are Bits Kosher?

At this time our Bits Products are NOT Kosher.


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