Current Patents:


6,047,746 Granular Dispensing System


D476,855 Powdered Candy Dispenser


6,619,510 B2 Bulk Dispenser Apparatus


D542352 Tableted Candy Vending Machine


7,555,360 Apparatus and Method for Vending Candy Tablets from Powder


D581,218 Powdered Candy Dispenser


7,588,169 High Sensitivity Mechanical Fluid Level Sensing Device


7,588,062 B1 Candy Powder Dispensing Apparatus


8,042,581 Valve Assembly for Powder Dispenser


8,037,908 Slide Valve for a Bottle


GB2465534 Valve Assembly for Powder Dispenser (United Kingdom)




Patents Pending:


13/673,288 Powder Dispensing Apparatus


29/488,405 Balancing Amusement Apparatus


13/827,492 Balancing Game Apparatus


13/895,535 Dispensing Apparatus


2008801127623 Valve assembly for Powder Dispenser (CHINA)


2,698,191 Valve Assembly for Powder Dispenser (CANADA)


EP2187776 Valve Assembly for Powder Dispenser (EUROPE)

2010 - present

2010 - present


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